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    Sales and repairs of pocket watches in Melbourne

    Although the wristwatch is now by far the most popular style of watch, we believe that nothing shows a sense of discerning style more than a beautiful, pocket watch. 

    Timeless designs, often-intricate decoration, master craftsmanship and spellbinding engineering, mean that pocket watches are items of real beauty. 

    Pocket watches for sale

    At Ekselman Watches, we think that pocket watches shouldn't be consigned to the annals of history just yet and we offer an amazing range of pocket watches for sale. From lovingly restored, vintage pocket watches to the very latest pocket watches from leading brands, Classic, Adina & Algex, our pocket watches are ready to amaze you with their practicality, design and unique character.

    Pocket watch repairs

    We can also provide full repairs, valuations and restorations of vintage pocket watches, so if you have found a vintage pocket watch in a drawer or have inherited a beautiful old piece, bring it along and our team of artisan watchmakers might just be able to bring it back to life for you.
    To find out more about our incredible pocket watches, call Ekselman Watches today on  03 9670 5353 !
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